Saving Seller’s Realor Fees!

Listing your home, commercial property, land or business and want to save on Realtor fees? Our commissions will not exceed a total of 5%, ever. Sellers are still being told in today’s real estate world they need to pay a 6%-7% commission to get the best marketing and agent. Absolutely not true, and any Realtor telling a listing client that has already violated their obligation to act in an ethical manner. What sells any real estate is PRICING and exposure in the MLS, (Multiple Listing Service), period. Most sellers are still walking a tight line and feel they are being squeezed to sign a listing contract with a 6% commission fee. So, let’s see who actually reads this post.
Our selling clients never pay more than 5% commissions for FULL SERVICE listings. However, did you know you can pay only for the services you need, saving thousands of dollars in commissions? For just $600 we can list your home in the Southern Oregon MLS, giving you the same exposure as everyone else. This is Not a full service contract, but I recognize that many sellers are capable, and just need the exposure. How would you like to pay just $600 to list your $500,000 home with full MLS exposure, and pay $0 commissions if you sell yourself, or up to 2.5% commission to a selling Realtor? You figure the savings.

Home Buyers Back In Control?

A year after we had a surge in the real estate market, causing prices to rise, we are back to a buyer’s market.  Growing inventory and daily price reductions are giving buyers another opportunity to land good deals before things reverse again.  If you are a serious buyer looking for the best buys, now is the time to act.  Today you can read five separate news articles on the real estate market and get five different viewpoints.  The increasing number of articles on the slowing and troubled real estate market is a sign it must be time to act, as there is always a lag between whats happening and when the media increases it’s reporting.

Real Estate Week

One listing closed, another deal accepted, in escrow with inspection and appraisal next week, listings getting showings. This should be my every week! Good to have some control and balance in life, when you can.

Southern Oregon real estate market, like most, continues to be flat, with a few spurts. Daily price reductions still matching or outpacing new listings, with new listing prices exceeding the buyer market in pricing and inventory.


Real Estate Buyers

So while the real estate market and economy are in a temporary retreat, buyers should not be. Take advantage of this time to search out the bargains, not distressed properties, the real bargains. How do you find them? Focus on asking price per square foot as the starting point. Then work your way up until you find something balanced. Keep in mind, if your looking property with acreage,don’t compare with properties on city or urban sized lots. If you not getting automatic feeds from the MLS, you need to be!  Trulia, Zillow and all the rest won’t serve you well. They are commercial advertising vehicles designed to gather and sell your information. I don’t care where you live, if you’re a buyer and want to get the most updated information on real estate, let me know where you are looking and we’ll get you set up. Very few MLS’s don’t have this tool.

The Realtor Puppy Mill

The real estate agent mill is in full production all across the country. Popping up like one puppy litter after another, brand new agents are adding to the already over crowded inventory of Realtors. What’s that all about? Well first of all it’s mainly the franchise corporations, many with Wall Street ties, and yes, it’s all about getting every dime they can out of everyone they can. Even Warren Buffet has jumped into the game. With promises of making big, easy money, they recruit like crazy, praying on the unemployed, underemployed and semi retired. Most new agents end up going broke, or getting another job. But when you look at the numbers, it really doesn’t matter to those doing the recruiting. In a typical $200k deal for a buyer’s agent making a $6,000 commission, the local Broker the agent works under takes about 40% – 50%, and the Franchise corporation takes 6% off the top. So it’s clear why most run the operation like a puppy mill…. money! The price the many agents who end up never making it pay is not a consideration. Neither is the cost to the public. I’ve seen the cost to the buying and selling public when they end up with an inexperienced, unethical or fast talking agent who just don’t get the obligations they have. So the next time you need the services of a Realtor, use some good judgement, ask questions about their experience and get a feel for who they are before committing yourself. If you really believe in keeping your money local, then find an agent not affiliated with a Franchise.

Southern Oregon Real Estate Market

Oooops!  Is the Southern Oregon real estate market showing signs of instability?   The daily number of new listings in the Southern Oregon Multiple Listing Service is growing.  However, the number of price reductions has been growing at an almost equal pace.  Not a great sign for sellers caught up in the real estate recovery hysteria popping it’s ugly head.  The facts is, over the past 90 days, Sold properties have sold for an average selling price of $242,055, and a median selling price of $212,850.  The average list price is $418,027 and the median list price is $280,000.  That spread has been growing.  The spread between the number of higher end homes listed and sold is huge right now.  Over the past 90 days 43 homes have sold for $500,000 or above, and there are currently 480 homes listed for $500,000 or above.  Certainly NOT a Seller’s Market at the high end, making a lucrative Buyer’s Market in the high end market.

Saving on Mortgage Interest

Want to save thousands of dollars and pay off your mortgage early?

You don’t need to be stuck with a 30 year mortgage hanging over your head. By using some easy and painless strategies, you can cut years off the life of your loan.

Here are some simple strategies you can use:

Round Up To the Nearest Hundred

Say you have a 30 year mortgage of $100,000 at 8% interest. The monthly payments would be about $734 a month. Watch what happens if you round that payment to the next $100.

By paying just $66 a month more, you’ll shorten the length of your mortgage by 7½ years. This will save you over $48,000 in interest payments over the life of your mortgage!

H3>Make a One Time Payment With Your Tax Refund

For example, you have a $100,000 mortgage, and you get a $1,000 tax refund this year.

If you take that $1,000 and apply it to your mortgage, you’ll save over $8,600 and shorten your mortgage by one year and one month!

H3>Go With a 15-Year Mortgage If You Can

Going with a 15-year mortgage instead of 30 is one of the best things you can do, if you can afford the higher monthly payments. It’s actually not that much more expensive, and the interest rate is lower than a 30 year loan.

You save around 60% of what you would have paid in interest with a 30 year mortgage.

H3>By rounding up, using your tax refund, and taking a shorter mortgage, you can save thousands and be free of your mortgage years sooner.